All lips, although beautiful, will exhibit pigment changes over time that cause them to lose their enchanting shape and vibrant colour. In order to combat this, I offer a professional lip enhancement service that can – and will – breathe new life into your lips.

Lip enhancement is a simple cosmetic procedure. It is essentially similar to getting a tattoo, and involves a specialist injecting pigment into your lips. This pigment can then be used to rebuild, redefine and restructure a variety of lip shapes. Lip tattoos can also be utilised to colour lips, increase fullness, and even give the lips a lining to even out their natural shape.

As a professional and experienced lip tattoo specialist, I always strive for the best. Whether you choose to have a lip liner tattoo or a full lip tattoo, you can rest assured that I consistently aim for a finish that looks as natural and complementary as possible. It also helps that I have a full range of lip tattoo colours available to suit a diverse array of lip types. A lip tattoo can give you the confidence you need today

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